USA Today bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque on “I Type-O, do you?”

I highly recommend Rand Editorial Services for all your editing needs. Author Violetta Rand has a great post with the one and only Kathryn Le Veque. You can find both of these authors on Amazon.

Rand Editorial Services

I’m so honored to be the first guest on Violetta’s new blog! I think what makes this blog a little different – and fun – is that it’s really about the bare bones of writing. Every house has a frame, right? Well, learning how to write – and how to utilize the English language – is the framework of any book. Without it, everything will collapse.
Here’s a question I get asked – do I have any particular hang-ups as a writer? Does one thing stump me more than another? Do I have any lazy pitfalls? The answer is yes, yes, and YES. Ask my editor!  Just so you know that even the best of us are human, too, let me tell you that every published writer – from the newbies to the popular – will have a particular pitfall or hang up, so don’t think you’re a wash-out as…

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