Queen of Lost Stars

I finished listening to Queen of Lost Stars written by Kathryn Le Veque, narrated by Brad Wills. It is brilliantly writtened and masterfully narrated.  My favorite character voice in this audio book is the old healer. Brad Wills created a cranky, boisterous, old man’s voice that made me giggle. I finished checking this book the day after I received it. If you need a fast turn around, you can count on me.  

My thoughts:  This is a highly emotional and incredibly beautiful story. I listened to this story two times with my professional ear, but the third time I listened to it as a girl lost in a wonderful romance. This story will take your breath away, make your heart beat faster, bring tears to your eyes, make you laugh and touch every ounce of romance in your soul. 


Narrator:  Brad Wills is a consummate professional. If you would like to know more about Brad, please visit his Facebook page Fans of Brad Wills. https://www.facebook.com/groups/754165624633464/


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